Soy as an Allergen in Chocolate
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Chocolate Facts
Soy Story
Soy lecithin is used in conventional chocolate to replace all or part of the cocoa butter added, by acting as an emulsifier. An emulsifier links the molecules of the various ingredients together. Soy added to chocolate changes the texture with regard to fluidity and brittleness. Cocoa butter is the most expensive ingredient used to make chocolate, whereas soy lecithin is less expensive, and less of it is needed. Adding soy lecithin makes conching (stirring) much easier, and reduces considerably the time needed for this operation. Less electricity is needed when soy lecithin is added to chocolate, and chocolate makers can use regular equipment as opposed to high performance equipment.
Because of the fact that soy is one of the top eight allergens known in the world, Soy Free Sales, LLC  is dedicated to providing chocolate and other products without soy lecithin as an ingredient. The absence of soy lecithin is the only full guarantee of the absence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
The quality and taste of our products is unsurpassed.
Chocolate Facts