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 Gift Ideas
 Gift Wrapping
Do you need your order gift-wrapped or arranged in a basket or other container? Just e-mail us, at  sales@soyfreesales.com or call us at 360-936-5547 with instructions. We will email you a picture of your gift before it ships!
Gift Certficates
To order a Gift Certificate through Pay Pal: Go to www.paypal.com, click on the "Send Money" tab. Use "sales@soyfreesales.com" as the Recipient. Send us the amount of the gift certificate. Fill out instructions in the "message" section" telling us occasion and address. You can also use your credit card to purchase a gift certificate.
Other options to arrange a Gift Certificate: Telephone us, at: 360-936-5547 or e-mail us, at: sales@soyfreesales.com.
We will either send a printed gift certificate in the requested amount to the recipient, or we can attach the certificate to an e-mail. After the recipient receives the gift certificate, he/she goes to our site, www.soyfreesales.com to pick out the products. The recipient can telephone us at 360-936-5547, or e-mail us at sales@soyfreesales.com with his/her gift order.
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