Did you know ...
...that scientists have discovered that eating dark chocolate improves the function of important cells lining the blood vessels walls?

...that chocolate and cacao are rich in magnesium, copper, iron and flavanoids? Magnesium, copper and iron are minerals that our bodies need. Flavaniods act as natural antioxidants.

...that chocolate releases seratonin (the "happy" chemical) in the brain?
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...that, according to Jean Carper, leading authority on health and nutrition, you should eat 3 1/2 oz. of dark chocolate per day? That's the size of one of our dark Cluizel bars! Eating dark chocolate delays heart disease by 8-9 years. It adds more than 6 years to a man's life, and 5 years to a woman's.
...that, according to the book, Chocolate and Cocoa: A review of Health and Nutrition, chocolate has relatively little impact when it comes to causing cavities? Chocolate tends to clear the mouth quickly, limiting the time that it is in contact with the teeth.
Soy As An Allergen In Chocolate
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...that chocolate increases HDL (good) cholesterol levels?
...that a Harvard study found that dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure, lower your risks of heart disease and diabetes?  (March, 2011.) 
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